Relaxing Massage
Long, gliding, smoothing strokes calm and transport you. Pressing and stretching movements ease tired aching muscles relieve tension and reduce stress.  You awaken renewed and refreshed.

Deeply Swedish
Deep pressure therapeutic massage using advanced techniques to address your individual needs. An extraordinary way to nurture body and soul, this deeper work begins to address structural misalignment.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Session with Back Massage
The focus of this treatment is to bring you into a state of relaxation through the application of therapeutic quality essential oils. The oils are applied to the feet, legs, wrist and back. The energy of the oils is followed as they work in a synergistic manner to restore balance. When we come back into balance we can relax which can stimulate our own innate healing ability. Aromatherapy Relaxation is a stand alone treatment that can be combined with a soothing back massage.

                                                     One Hour $ 65                  Ninety Minutes $95

The Benefits of Massage and Bodywork

  • relief from stress and stress related headaches
  • relief from chronic pain
  • promotes a more restful sleep
  • promotes free flowing chi/energy
  • lowered blood pressure through improved circulation
  • improved mind-body awareness
  • improved posture
  • strengthened immune system
  • reduced muscle spasms & stiffness
  • greater joint flexibility & range of motion
  • a greater feeling of well being

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