I first met Mimi as an instructor for the Massage Therapy classes I was taking over summer break. As a high school teacher I was looking for a fun, relaxed way to spend my summer break but ended up receiving so much more than that! Since that time, a new world of healing has opened up for me, and Mimi has helped guide me along that path. I have successfully sought Mimi’s skills for a range of disciplines such as Reiki, Gemstone Therapy and Aromatherapy. She is a true renaissance woman who is not only knowledgeable and compassionate with what she does, but empowering. I use the word empowering because Mimi believes in giving her clients the tools they need to heal and transform themselves. She shares her extensive knowledge of the healing craft and metaphysical studies generously with others. Every time I have sought treatment or taken a class with Mimi I have left wiser and stronger thanks to her dedication to empowering her clients, not to mention the healing benefits I have received! I trust her implicitly and know she will act on what is in my personal best interest for healing, growth and transformation.


“Getting a massage from Mimi is like being lead into another world filled with relaxation, therapeutic heat, and whirling energy. It is now 3 days later, and I am still feeling the effects of her healing touch every time I move! She heard what my body was saying, and answered it with care, love, and sagely precision.

It is also an adventure because she uses energy, tuning forks, aromatherapy, and a myriad of other tools to add to your healing experience…the best tools though are her hands which know exactly where to go to heal what you might not even know needs healing. Being on her table is a treat, and I can’t wait for my next adventure there!”

Kristin Dwan, CMT

I keep rambling on about my aromatherapy session with you…it “stretched” me beyond spirit, beyond energy, & beyond physical. I can feel the stretch even more as the days have passed. I am grateful to have your service right within my space. So Blessed!!!

I was fortunate enough to take one of Mimi’s Level One Reiki classes. It was an amazing experience and she is a wonderful teacher. Really looking forward to getting my Reiki two under my belt. I have been able to incorporate my Reiki teachings into my creative endeavors and everyday life.

Kelly Broadhag Trujillo

I wanted to thank you for the best chair/massage/energy/Reiki/Crystal therapy (I think I got everything you did in there lol.) I really, really loved it and I feel like a million bucks. I’m going to try to go in every two weeks or when it feels right. I’m sooooo glad I finally went down to the boutique. (Que Linda Boutique) It’s very relaxing and I love the energy. Also, now that I’ve seen all of your products I want everything : )

Vanessa Montes

Thanks again!! I think it was just the boost I needed!!! I feel great and I’m on day 4 of no coffee!! The booklet was super helpful too! Once my crazy schedule dies down I def want to take some classes from you!!!! (Reiki w/Back Massage)

Liz McGrath

“I HIGHLY recommend having a service done with Mimi. Not only is the Que Linda Boutique a very inviting and educational shop but, the space is very private clean and perfect for relaxing. I feel Mimi was able to provide me with the services I needed and was very helpful. She’s talented and knowledgeable, this is someone who definitely knows what they’re talking about. I will be back to have more services with Mimi, and participate in the workshops they have in the store!”

Morgan Clark

Mrs. Mimi~thank you for facilitating the “Sculpting” of my essence. As if I was the clay. My Soul appreciates. Every session with you is a journey. Thank you for being the healer & massage therapist that you are…glad you are at Body ‘N Soul Studio/Que Linda Boutique.


Looking forward to my weekly chair massage on Tuesday! It has become a “ritual” for me….your work is inspiring and enlightens me to keep pushing in the positive direction! I want to also look at the calender and schedule a Reiki session with you…Vicki has also had wonderful things to say about her Aromatherapy sessions with you.

Love & Light, Kel

“Mimi Poor’s abilities as an Energy Healer and Massage Therapist surpass learned skills and training. She has an innate ability to be calming simply by her presence alone. Her approach to healing is both individual, depending on her client’s needs, and broad based, drawing not only on skill and technique, but also compassion, integrity and intuition. What I enjoy most about being a client of Mimi’s is that her personal demeanor is calm and yet enlightening at the same time. One feels safe and secure as she works her magic, and it does seem like magic because it is always exactly what is needed at the time; she is open to one’s personal needs and concerns. I not only recommend her, but I look forward to being a long-standing client.”
Jacqualine-Marie Baxman

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